Baby food jars

Our extensive range of food jars includes fruit products, vegetable products and menus of superior organic quality – from the first jar to supplementary food and menus for infants after the age of 12 months. A lot of these products are also suitable for allergic persons.

In order to meet the different customer needs we offer a variety of jar sizes:

Especially for meat preparations and as habituation to supplementary food (after four months)

Mainly fruit and vegetable purees (after four months)

190g / 200g:
Mainly for baby menus (after four months)

Jar size preferred for toddler food (from 8 months)

Mainly for toddler menus (from 12 months)

For these jar sizes we use stretchwrapped tray packages with six jars each, palletized for optimal transport according to CCG standards.

Fruit cups

The fruit purees in plastic cups are an ideal snack, but they can also be used for refining our instant cereals. Our four varieties 100 % consist of organic fruits with natural sugar content. So we do not need any added sugar.

Instant cereals

The instant cereals can optionally be prepared with water, whole milk, low fat milk, follow-on formula or one of our fruit jars. The result is not only delicious, but also easily digestible, because the cereal starch of our instant cereals is already digested.

Milk nutrition

The organic milk formulas 1, 2 and 3 have especially been aligned with the needs of babies. For the production we only use milk from cows fed with pasture or organic forage.

Tea and juices

Whether carrot juice, mild fennel tea with apple juice or red fruit juice – all of our juices are made of the best organic ingredients and therefore healthy thirst quenchers.